Pendent sprinkler

  • Certificate: UL Listed/ FM Approved
  • Standard: ANSI/ UL 199
  • K factor: K 5.6, K 8.0
  • Response: Standard with 5 mm glass bulb
  • Escutcheon: Recessed escutcheon
  • Thread: NPT/ BSPT
  • W. pressure: 175 psi (1.21 MPa)
  • Finish: Rough brass/ chrome plated/ white



Fire sprinkler is fitted at the end of pipeline to spray water for extinguishing or suppressing the fire. A pendent sprinkler protrudes and hangs down from the ceiling. It comes with a water deflector at the bottom, so water coming out of the orifice shoots downward. Pendent sprinkle is widely used in office or home buildings.