Who We are

New-tecH International Ltd.  is one of the largest Marketing Company in Bangladesh, having been continuing its business as an Importer, Supplier, Marketer and Service provider of wide range of Fire Fighting Systems, Steam Boiler, HVAC Washing & Dryer Machine Industrial base like VAM Chiller, Water Cooling Chiller, Air Conditioners, Fire Pump, Fire Hydrant Goods, Fire Detection Systems, Steam Boiler, Washing Machines, Dryer Machine etc. earning an envious altitude of dependability and reliability throughout the country. New-tecH is the sole distributor of No. 1   Water Cooled Chiller, Thermax VAM Chiller, Climaveneta Air Conditioner, PATTERSON FIRE PUMP-Made in USA, BRISTOL FIRE PUMP-Made in DUBAI, VES Fire Detection System-Made in USA, FULTON Steam Boiler-USA, BAJ Boiler-India, REALIST Washing & Dryer Machine-Made in TURKEY.

Within the rich history of existing in this market for over 18 years, New-tecH is now celebrating the 15 years of their successful quest in representing FULTON and 10 years representation of VES in Bangladesh a wondrous story of creating a major shift in the overall sales and marketing scenario of the Fire Fighting Systems, Steam Line, Boiler & HVAC Industry in Bangladesh, which also led the massive change in the C&E market in South-east Asia.  New-tecH always vows to stick with its principle of the best customer-oriented marketing services. To support the customers, our service teams are located at different areas all over the country which provides customers with timely and efficient service solutions.

As the continuous endeavor of development and expansion, New-tecH has started its Fire Fighting Solutions since 2011 and HVAC (Central Air Conditioning Solutions) campaign since 2016 and has become a major provider for the specialized and most sophisticated HVAC & Fire solutions in the country. Now, a major portion of HVAC/Fire/Steam developments are engineered and commissioned by New-tecH using its own experienced team solutions.

New-tecH started its STEAM Accessories, STEAM BOILER Supply and installation line works for specially Garments & Textile industries about 18 years back under with New-tecH International in order to facilitate more cost effective products and services for Bangladeshi Consumers as well as to create more job opportunities. Achieving a major success with this project in the past few years, New-tecH has taken the project to start a heavy industry of full range Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Plant for Washing Machine, Dryer Machine, Boiler, Garments machinery etc.  

The enterprise is projected to launch its full commercial production by the 1st half of 2020 and when completed, this will be one of the largest

heavy industry for Garments Machinery products in Bangladesh facilitating at least 300 new jobs in the direct industry sector as well as creating opportunity for more than 500 jobs for supporting roles in the relevant industry sector. Considering the fast socio-economic development in the country as well as the planned power sector development, a commendable growth is anticipated in the demand of machinery products in Bangladesh, which is the core target segment of this project and New-tecH intends to go for the overseas market/export of these items after meeting the local demand.

New-tecH’s future plan and mission includes expansion and development of local production base for Machinery, HVAC and Fire Items aiming to meet the growing demand in the local market as well as to enter the overseas market acquiring the network ranging from SAARC & south-east Asian countries as far as middle-east communities.



“Provide standard product with added value, quality and services according to the expected customers’ needs and requirements and create optimum value for the Stakeholders of New-tecH”.


“To be recognized as the No. 1 Business House in the Fire, Steam and HVAC Industry of Bangladesh”